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Our tag line "The Shop with the Golden Touch", symbolizes and embodies the highest standards of care with every aspect of our services at Golden Hammer Collision Center.  

This care extends into each and every top of the line repair. Quality and craftsmanship are constant drivers amongst our tenured and skilled technicians as they return your vehicle back to pre-accident condition.  Our high standards are also fostered into technician education and certification. Which is always ongoing in order to maintain industry forefront technology and skill. It is what fosters our loyal and tenured team of technicians, estimators and staff. 

Our commitment to this mindset, is also the passion and empathy behind our customer service care and offering peace of mind through out the entire process. It exemplifies our relationship building values, and is how our family owned business has earned its reputation for quality, reliability, and being service driven.

Collision Repair Technician

Core Values


Your safety
comes first

From FREE initial damage assessments, rental car coordination, and thorough diagnostics, we have created an environment which puts our customers needs first.  Our authentic quality control program ensures an organized, step-by-step inspection for each stage of the repair. This allows us to provide a lifetime warranty on all our services and a sense of safety for our customers.

Professional & reliable team of experts

Our highly trained auto body technicians have specialized training including I-CAR Gold Class certification. Ongoing industry education is part of our DNA.  Paired with our team of estimators who maintain knowledge of insurance industry procedures, and the ability to blueprint related / unrelated damage.  A critical attention to detail and 7-point quality control program enables our team consistently deliver on time repairs.

State of the art diagnostic equipment

We recognize that manufacturers continuously work hard to design more efficient, quality vehicles, and it’s up to us to provide a service to match. Our advanced facility technology includes industry leading paint match technology, CCC intelligent solutions, specialized tools and equipment for aluminum repairs, Advanced Driver Assist Calibration Systems, and expertise to stand behind our work.  Golden Hammer's team of unrivaled industry excellence offers cutting edge technology and superior service.

Personalized service with a proven service record

Each of our technicians and customer service representatives possess multiple decades of service tenure within our business.  We pride ourselves on being a family oriented team with family driven values.  A tribute to our personalized approach is evident of the positive feedback and reviews our customers have given us and earned us the reputation of being "The Shop With the Golden Touch".

customer service

Eliminating, or at least minimizing the stress, after an accident is the emphasis behind all our process focused repairs.  We believe in integrity, honesty, transparency and a service minded approach while we always do our best to educate and proactively communicate to our customers.  We strive on building lifelong customers and believe that “a happy and satisfied customer is the most important referral.”

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